snappers-boardI believe in a responsibly managed fishery, I believe that everyone should participate in respecting our oceans, from the producers, wholesalers, retailers and to the end consumer. As they say now a chain of custody  , where everyone should know where there fish is from.

Educating the consumer is a large part of the business, is it wild caught, is it farmed, organic, sustainable, we know the answers.

My original goal was just to give my customers a fresh fish experience. To help dispel of the perception of some people that all fish tastes fishy. I believe through hard work, product freshness and consistency I have achieved my goal.

My second goal was to build our customers trust in us, our quality and freshness.

My ultimate goal was to build a business that is part of the community that I now belong to.

So with freshness, quality, trust, and a sense of belonging to our community, people can say:

“Yes! We have a great fish store
right around the corner!”